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Seriously? Seriously?

That would make a total of three students that I have caught plagiarizing this semester.  In this case, the student was supposed to create an original poster design for a production of “Macbeth”.  She just took a poster off the internet and put her own dates and ticket prices on it.

"How did I realize the poster was plagiarized?" you might ask.

She kept the original performance dates (August 2004) on the bottom on the poster and put in her own information (including a performance date of April 2011) in a small portion of the poster.

I feel like catching three students plagiarizing in one semester is a very high number.  Or am I just that naive?  Has anyone else experienced plagiarism at or above this quantity?  How do you handle plagiarism in your classroom?

My school has a policy towards plagiarism that works in steps.  (First offense: Warning, zero credit on assignment.  Second offense: In-school Suspension, failing grade in class.  Third offense: Suspension for two days.  Fourth, final offense: Expulsion My bad here…it’s supposed to be suspension for one week…it’s been a very long day) 

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